Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No, He Can't Fly!

I guess we should exlpain the splint. Friday night, August 17th, Charlie decided to see if he could fly. . . turns out he can't. Much to the surprise of all the older neighborhood boys surrounding him in our backyard, he still thought he might be okay if he jumped off the top of the slide on our playset. After sleeping on it and seeing him still favoring his arm the next morning, we decided that maybe we should take him to the doctor. Turns out he had broken his arm--our first broken bone of the family. Leave it to Charlie! What a rough summer--seven stitches after a big push from big sis, a corrected circumcision (we won't elaborate), one large hematoma in the neck from a monkey bars fall, and now a broken arm. Thank goodness school has started!

Doing just fine with his temporary handicap! Thankfully, it's a minor buckle fracture, so he just has a splint--no hard cast is needed.

Wiped out after a long day of two doctor's visits and a few x-rays. He konked out on the way home!

He tells everyone who asks what happened, "I jumped off, and the boys told me not to." Just like a true boy, he's proud of his battle wounds!
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First Day of Preschool

Charlie began preschool the next day, August 21st.

Posing for his first "real" first-day-of-school picture in front of the garage.

How cute is he walking up the steps to school with his big backpack?

He's not letting one arm stop him from some serious playdough creating!

The smile I saw when I picked him up! What a fun day!
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First Day of School

Grace and Emma began third and first grades, respectively on Monday, August 20th.

Posing for our first day of school with our new clothes and backpacks!

As has become tradition, our friend, Kinzi
came over for pictures and to walk to school for the first day.

"It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!" : )

Grace's teacher had her desk all prepared for her first day.
Check out her nametag in cursive!
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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Day It All Began

Monday began the week with Emma's 6th birthday.
It started out great at home with presents, etc. . .

until 10 minutes before her party, Charlie throws up! Scott ends up staying home with him. Turns out I come home from the party not feeling that great and end up in bed for two days myself. Thursday morning, Grace starts puking, but has stopped by midday, so I can go to church in the evening. I'm not there for five minutes when I get a call to come home quickly--someone has to take Charlie to the doctor . . .

Six hours later and a visit to the Urgent Care AND ER, we're home with seven stitches. Now, Emma has started puking, too. . . and it's now the wee hours of Friday morning and MY birthday! Scott ends up getting it the next night, but we power through and still leave for our vacation to Park City, Utah at 5 the next morning. I did most of the driving while Scott tried to recuperate, and we thankfully had a wonderful vacation! (We left out all the fun details that make it an even better story, but you get the picture!)
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day at the Zoo w/ Dad

Scott worked from home for the week and took care of the girls while I was back in Indy with Charlie. It was a sad visit going for my grandma's funeral, but I was thankful to get to be with my family for the week.
He took them to the San Diego Zoo, along with lots of other fun activities. What a great dad!
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tacos in Rosarito

A pet shop? Lots of chickens, etc. along the road--not quite sure of the purpose, but the kids enjoyed it.

Working hard to make our street tacos. They were yummy if you didn't think about them too much!

Almost the whole crew in front of Tacos Manuel. Next stop: Puerte de Fe Orphanage!
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Ventana Ministries Visit

We stopped to see our friends and their ministry in Porvenir, Baja California, Mexico "on the way" home.
They worked in the hot Porvenir sun to cook us up some awesome carne asada! Charlie wanted to help.

Grace, Braeden, Micah, Emma, Charlie and Luke playing around the double wides that the students and our friends call "home" in Mexico.

Doug, Carrie, Jenni & Scott
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